French Limestone
French Cream Limestone direct from the Quarry

Black Limestone
direct from the Quarry
My relationship with the Limestone quarries in France goes back more than 20 years, and I am able to have large samples constructed and shipped to my clients. Large samples are much more accurate for choosing stone than the small tiles offered in showrooms. I'm also able to negotiate terrific prices that include all fees for transport from French Ports to your US job site destination. 

18th century Reclaimed French Oak

My trusted contacts throughout France and Italy alert me when a demolition is scheduled, and I am often the first one to a site. This means that I choose the best and get agreement on great prices. I only reclaim from private residences (no factory or industrial demolitions).

Antique Reclaimed Terracotta
New Terracotta flooring
New Terracotta

Antique terracotta flooring is a real find, and often very limited in square footage. I have to purchase an entire floor to make sure that I get the maximum matching shapes and colors for my clients.
Some terracotta is so spectacular, I know I will never see tiles like that again. New processes in creating terracotta tiles for flooring make black and intensely colored terracottas possible. New shapes and configurations are being developed also, and some clients sketch out their dream floor design and have their terracotta custom made.

Carrara Marble
Carrara Marble Blocks and Slabs
Carrara, on the coast of Italy, is the ancient site for quarrying the most beautiful sculptural and decorative marble in the world. Carrara is home to many marble factories that take the 20-30 ton blocks and slice them into slabs for construction. Clients can choose a block at a reduced price, and take the risk of how the pattern will emerge... or purchase slabs, and plan the patterns for building projects.

ABOUT PRICING: All prices for flooring and building materials are listed in USD per SF. In each product description, you will see the actual Euro per SF price. On the day an approved invoice is issued, the conversion from the agreed-upon Euro price to USD is calculated using that day's X-Rates Currency Calculator.
All our negotiations in France and Italy are in Euros. We publish USD prices for approximate construction estimates in the US — they are not exact quotes.

Please email Alisanne to discuss the availability of flooring and building materials and to explore what is possible for your projects!