French Cream Limestone

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  • Standard cut 20" x 32" x 2cm thick
  • Custom cuts and thicknesses available
  • All Fees, Shipping, and Delivery are always included in price

Custom cuts and specialty designs - all at competitive wholesale prices

The most dense limestone in the world has been quarried in France for hundreds of years, and in many parts of the country, town life revolves around the quarry. The original owners of the Quarry are shown gathering around one of the first cuts.

antique image of limestone quarry with owners

Alisanne’s relationship with the Limestone quarries in France goes back more than 20 years. 

Limestone quarry with block moving equipment

The craftsmen who cut the ancient stone from the mountain and shape the blocks and slabs into floor tiles and architectural elements are highly regarded experts, who work on the most elite building projects in Europe.

Limestone quarry - washing the slabs

Their collective experience and high level of skill benefits every Client who orders from this beautiful quarry.

You can see the permanence and utility of authentic French limestone in the villages, towns, and cities throughout France — with streets and courtyards paved with limestone cobble and tiles.

Alisanne chooses the stone to present to her clients

The steps in a Limestone order (there is no obligation to purchase until an order is final and approved by the Client):

  1. Determine approximate square footage for your project. Wholesale minimum is one container. (A shipping container holds approximately 4,000 square feet of limestone.)
  2. Alisanne discusses options and presents the stone. Large dimension samples can be constructed and shipped to Clients. (Note: Large samples are much more accurate for choosing stone than small tiles offered in showrooms.)
  3. Favorable rates are negotiated, andall fees, shipping, and delivery from French Ports to your destination are included in quoted prices. 
  4. After Client approval, the order is placed, and Alisanne supervises all interactions with the Quarry and Transport Companies, and personally oversees every Client's shipment from the Quarry to the Client’s chosen destination.