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Alisanne Frew in Nice, France

Custom Flooring, Shopping, Transport, and Restoration Consultant

It's easy to get in touch with Alisanne to discuss your ideas and requests!

WhatsApp and Cell# in France 
+(33) 6 29 10 45 04

Call Alisanne in France with this US number
+1 (832) 558-1016

Because Alisanne lives in Paris, she enjoys access to markets that are difficult and sometimes impossible for non-resident professionals to visit.

- Fine French Limestone direct from the Quarry
- Fine Flooring (French Cream LImestone, Black Limestone, reclaimed antique Terracotta, new Terracotta, and reclaimed 18th century French Oak)

- Monumental Landscape and Garden Decor
- Architectural Elements and Building Materials
- French Antiques

Professional and Personal Shopping Tours

Gallery Saint Germain, 49 rue de Seine, 75006 Paris