Parquet de Versailles Pattern - 18th century Reclaimed French Oak

- Unfinished planks
- Finished planks
- Custom cuts and finishes
- Curated residential sources, some with historical significance
- Length of original planks approx. 7 feet to 11 feet
- Width of original planks approx. 7 inches to 11 inches
- Thickness 3cm
- All Fees, Shipping, and Delivery are always included in price

Estimates on custom cuts and specialty parquet de Versailles patterns and your choice of finishes — all at competitive wholesale prices.

Alisanne’s trusted contacts throughout France and Italy send her alerts when a demolition is scheduled, and Alisanne is often the first person at a site. This means that she chooses the best and negotiates very favorable prices. Alisanne only reclaims from private residences (no factory or industrial demolitions) and historically significant sources.

Please email Alisanne if you would like to be notified - historically significant floors are typically reserved and purchased immediately.

The steps in an antique French oak order (there is no obligation to purchase until an order is final and approved by the Client):

  1. Determine approximate square feet/meters for your project. Wholesale minimum is one container. (A shipping container holds approximately 4,000 square feet or 372 square meters of oak flooring.)
  2. Alisanne discusses options and presents the wood options. Large dimension samples can be constructed and shipped to Clients. (Note: Large samples are much more accurate for choosing oak and oak patterns than small samples offered in showrooms.)
  3. Favorable rates are negotiated, and all fees, shipping, and delivery from French Ports to your destination are included in quoted prices. 
  4. After Client approval, the order is placed, and Alisanne supervises all interactions with oak sources and Transport Companies, and personally oversees every Client's shipment from the source of the oak to the Client’s chosen destination.