Antique Terracotta Flooring

  • Rustic Rectangular
  • Hexagonal
  • Square
  • All Fees, Shipping, and Delivery are always included in price

Unique patterns and one-of-a-kind colors — all at competitive wholesale prices.

Antique terracotta flooring is a very special discovery, and often very limited in square footage. Alisanne usually purchases an entire floor to make sure she has the maximum area of matching shapes and colors for her clients.

The steps in an antique Terracotta flooring order (there is no obligation to purchase until an order is final and approved by the Client):

  1. Determine approximate square feet/meters for your project. Wholesale minimum is one container. (A shipping container holds approximately 4,000 square feet or 372 square meters of flooring.)
  2. Alisanne discusses options and presents the terracotta options. Large dimension samples can be constructed and shipped to Clients. (Note: Large samples are much more accurate for choosing flooring and flooring patterns than small samples offered in showrooms.)
  3. Favorable rates are negotiated, andall fees, shipping, and delivery from French Ports to your destination are included in quoted prices. 
  4. After Client approval, the order is placed, and Alisanne supervises all interactions with terracotta sources and Transport Companies, and personally oversees every Client's shipment from the source of the terracotta to the Client’s chosen destination.