Fine French limestone flooring - single pallets (180SF) for your immediate projects!


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My French Stoneyard is at the front of The Boneyard at Round Top, Texas. It's open during Round Top Antique Shows and is filled with displays of architectural elements, salvage, and oversized decor.

This is where you'll find most of my monumental garden and landscape decor, antique Biot Pots, and Anduze Jars. I stocked this site with single pallets of limestone flooring (each pallet holds about 2,000 lbs and covers approximately 180 SF).

Typically, limestone flooring purchases at wholesale would take a couple of months to quarry in France and ship to the US - but this time, I decided to bring 20 pallets with me!

Please visit again, or call/email me - I'll be in California for a week or two during the Thanksgiving holiday, and I plan to return to Paris to begin preparations for the 2020 Spring Show!

WhatsApp +33629104504 
US cell 832-558-1016