Sample presentation for Carrara Marble slabs

The process of purchasing Statuario direct from quarries in Carrara, Italy 

Carrara Statuario - the finest marble available for professional and retail purchase 
*The only marble more desired and expensive than statuario is the pure white used in sculpture.
Carrara Statuario Puro - the finest white I can find, with as little gray/veining as possible - no golds or browns
Carrara Statuario Classico - the level after Puro - with slightly more gray/veining - no golds or browns

In the ~2-minute video below, I have a 28-ton block of Carrara marble (Block #269) moved into full sun to more accurately inspect it for color and veining.

Block #269 pictured in the video will cut to 
- 50 slabs of Carrara Statuario Puro
- 25 slabs of Carrara Statuario Classico
- 75 total slabs from Block #269

SCENARIO for Quarry #1 (I'll be visiting more quarries tomorrow)
If you purchased Block #269, you would potentially be able to cut:
1. 35 slabs of Statuario Puro for the Master Bathroom Suite
2. 15 additional slabs of Statuario Puro
3. 25 slabs of Statuario Classico for the Guest Bathroom Suite

A. By purchasing #269 as a block, you receive the $133 USD /SF price instead of the slab price of $169 USD /SF. 

Professional block purchasers (large projects, Las Vegas, etc.) accept the risk of only estimating the interior veining/color, in exchange for design flexibility, additional marble for other projects, and to make up for imperfections and slabs they are unable to use.

B. By purchasing #269 in slabs, you receive the $169 USD /SF slab price and will be able to select the quality and quantity of slabs for your project after the block has been cut. 

The blocks in the quarries look rough and unfinished, but professional purchasers know the extraordinary beauty of the slabs after blocks are cut and polished. There are the potential disappointments, for sure, but the excitement of cutting slabs from Carrara Statuario is described as watching the block "open up like flower."

Marble Block/Slab Inspection Record