Recent Project Videos

Huge cache of rustic French oak, hidden in underground cellars in France

As soon as I got the call, I knew this was something special. I traveled right away to the village where these incredible cellars are connected by natural passageways deep beneath the earth. And there was very rustic French oak down there... lots of it...and the only way to see it was to get a team together and climb down. This is the story of that adventure.


Reclaimed Parquet de Versailles - Cartier Paris

I keep a close watch on the demolition activity in Paris, and when an especially fine location looks like it may be renovated, I'm often first on the spot negotiating for flooring and architectural details. In August 2020, I claimed and purchased the Cartier Paris parquet de Versailles for a private client. More reclamation projects and videos to come!


The work in the quarry is at full capacity, with containers of fine French limestone leaving for US ports approximately every three weeks. If you're planning to build in 2021, orders finalized before the 2020/2021 winter holiday will be shipped in time for spring 2021 installation.