Alisanne created her company, Alisanne Wonderland, to share her love of discovering wonderful things in the French marketplaces. Her knowledge of regulations, customs, packaging requirements, and large-scale international shipping methods makes it easy for her to transport 40′ containers full of merchandise and French limestone anywhere in the world.

Alisanne now shops throughout France and Italy to find the most exciting flooring and decor for her clients around the world. 

Because of her background in the French Arts and exposure to the finest in building materials, structural details, garden embellishments, and furnishings, Alisanne is now able to pass on her success in purchasing, restoring, and shipping to her tour participants and shopping clients, and many have opened their own venues and shopping services.

Years ago, a young Alisanne Frew, eager to build and decorate a home based on the French principles of style, elegance, proportion, and sensitivity to place, ventured into the markets of Paris and Provence to fulfill her dream.

Little did she know that the many years of negotiations with dealers and auction houses, contacts made with artisans and restorers, relationships with respected packers and international shippers, and love for the French language and culture would bring her to not only complete a magnificent villa in California, but to also consult for clients on some of their largest and most challenging decorating projects. 

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