Wholesale Antique Oak Flooring

Alisanne Frew with reclaimed 18th century French oak

18th century reclaimed French Oak flooring  (click images for larger views)

• From residential sources in France (no industrial flooring such as warehouses, train cars, etc).
• Delivered in 7 to 12 foot long planks, at 7” to 12” wide. 
• Your choice of finish, with tongue and groove - price per SF always includes shipping and delivery to your job site.

Alisanne Wonderland reclaimed French oak - 18th century
We offer three different finishes:
1. Planed, waxed, and varnished (click image for larger view)
2. Planed and waxed  (click image for larger view)

3. Sanded, waxed, and varnished  (click image for larger view)
18th century reclaimed French oak flooring

All finished flooring is grooved and shipped with 18th century oak tongues
As illustrated below, each finished oak board is grooved, and tongues are created from 18th century oak to join, strengthen, and secure your flooring.
Tongue and Groove in 18th century reclaimed oak flooring

We offer the Classic French Herringbone Pattern 
1. Lightly Sanded and Planed on the back (click image for larger view)
Herringbone Pattern - lightly sanded and planed on one side

Planed on both sides (click image for larger view)
Herringbone Pattern 18th century French Oak

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