About Alisanne

Alisanne Frew in Carrara Marble factory
This is a photo from my recent visit to a factory specializing in carving marble -  just outside Carrara, Italy

I've lived in Paris more than 30 years, with 25 years experience discovering and negotiating purchases for my clients, including interior designers, architects, builders, antiques retailers, and homeowners from around the world.

I've developed relationships with markets and services that can be difficult for non-resident professionals to access.

I work directly with French limestone quarries, quarries in Italy, and with flooring materials suppliers throughout France and Italy to custom order fine limestone, marble, antique and new terracotta, and 18th century French oak flooring.

I often discover historically significant materials available for reclamation, which I secure for my clients.

• Wholesale pricing includes shipping and delivery to preferred destination
• Services to clients include research, shopping, negotiation, restoration, crating, containerization, insurance, shipping by air or sea, and delivery to job sites or preferred locations.

I regularly shop the professional Antique Fairs in Paris, Chatou, Lemans, L'Isle Sur La Sorgue, Avignon, Beziers, Montpellier, and Marseille.


Locations in Paris, France and Texas, USA.

Professional Consulting and Shopping Services offered remotely via
WhatsApp +33 6 29 10 45 04
+33 6 29 10 45 04 Tel in Paris
+1 (512) 734-7711 US cell