Antique Monumental Wine Jar from Spain - Wide Profile

Spain circa 1680
Jar without stand is 63" tall x 24" wide opening x 39" wide
This jar is marked, and its custom stand is included

These stunning antique jars are collected around the worldas artifacts of ancient winemakingThe large antique jars can be placed in gardens, interiors, and as pool landscape enhancements, on their sides, and in custom stands displayed vertically. 
Spanish Wine Jar Display Sheet

Monumental tinajas grace the United Nations building in Geneva, city parks, and private gardens. Click here to download the PDF Information Sheet.

When we discovered that an old Spanish winery was selling their tinajas, we immediately purchased the first two available jars. 

Added note: the ancient methods are making a resurgence!Massive amphorae and tinajas are now being used to store and make additive-free wines. The porous clay naturally protects the wine from oxidation, removing the need for sulfur.