Two (2) Pairs of Cocktail Tables from Hotel Ritz Paris (Four Tables)

Two (2) Pairs Cocktail Tables from Hotel Ritz Paris
Four Tables: $11,600
Price includes shipping for each table.
Total: $11,600

Brass and Aluminum
circa 1960

I purchased these cocktail tables at the Hotel Ritz Paris renovation auction. Hotel Ritz Paris reopened in 2016 after a four year, $450 million upgrade to the designation "Palace" - the highest standard in the world for a hotel. 

The cocktail tables were used throughout the hotel, because they were lightweight and easy-to-move. They have the appearance of solid bronze but they are actually brass and aluminum, and they unscrew into two pieces - the bases and the table tops.

These versatile tables are a perfect accent piece. They are also easy to store and transport. Add a bit of the history of the Ritz to your gatherings — even beach or barn parties! 

20.5" diameter x 23.5" tall