Two (2) Pairs of Cocktail Tables from Hotel Ritz Paris (Four Tables)

Two (2) Pairs Cocktail Tables from Hotel Ritz Paris
Four Tables: $11,600
Price includes shipping for each table.
Total: $11,600

Brass and Aluminum
circa 1960

Hotel Ritz Paris reopened in 2016 after a four-year, $450 million upgrade to the designation "Palace" - the highest standard in the world for a hotel. In the years that followed the reopening, the decorative objects, furniture, and tableware that had been stored were auctioned off. I purchased these cocktail tables at the Hotel Ritz Paris renovation auction held in 2018.

These lightweight cocktail tables were used throughout the hotel because they were easy to move quickly from location to location within the hotel. They have the appearance of solid bronze but they are actually brass and aluminum, and they unscrew into two pieces — a base and a tabletop.

These versatile tables are a perfect accent piece and were typically placed in the Ritz in pairs. They are also easy to store and transport. Each cocktail table has a brass label of "Hotel Ritz" on the tabletop, which you can remove if desired.

Add a bit of the history and ambiance of Hotel Ritz Paris to your home or office!

20.5" diameter x 23.5" tall