Two (2) Anduze Versailles 32" Terracotta Pots SALE PRICE $1088 each

Anduze pots are expertly hand-thrown, modeled, stamped, and fired for glaze to attain full range of colors and aspects. The inspiration for Anduze is drawn from the combined ancient history of gardens and glazed terra cotta.

Anduze planters add Provence elegance to balconies, flat roofs, private patios, interior decoration, swimming pool surroundings, hotel and restaurant lobbies, public markets, and entertainment and wedding venues.

Two (2) 32" tall Versailles Pots available to ship from Texas.
31-1/2" tall x 26-3/4" diameter

If you're looking for even larger Anduze, we have three (3) monumental 41" tall Bugadier Anduze (see Bugadier product description (3 available to ship from Texas).